Quotation FAQ’s

What information do you need to provide a quote for my project?

We require details such as the site location, project duration, estimated load requirements, and any specific hoist preferences. The more information you can provide, the more accurate our quote will be.

How long does it take to receive a quote?

We aim to provide quotes promptly, typically within 24 hours of receiving all necessary project details. However, complex projects may require additional time for evaluation and assessment.

What does your quote include?

Our quote typically includes the rental cost of the hoist equipment, delivery and installation charges, maintenance and servicing fees, and any additional services required for your project.

We strive to provide transparent pricing to ensure there are no hidden costs.

Do you offer site surveys or consultations?

Yes, we offer free site surveys on request and recommendation to ensure the safe and efficient installation of our hoist equipment. Our team can also provide expert advice and recommendations based on your project requirements.

We also offer site-specific Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS) as standard.

Installation FAQ’s

Do you offer familiarisation sessions?

Yes, our installation charges cover handover and familiarisation for up to 6 operatives. We can run additional familiarisation sessions on request, for an extra charge.

What support do you provide after installation?

We are committed to providing ongoing support throughout the duration of your project. This includes regular maintenance and servicing of the hoist equipment, troubleshooting assistance, and emergency support to address any issues promptly.

Can you come and inspect the hoists? What do you charge?

Yes, we offer weekly or monthly inspections on requests. These are charged extra.

What is the pull load on your hoist?

We provide datasheets for all our hoists.

Any additional info required such as loadings and forces vary depending on the site and tying intervals; we can provide those on request.

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